The Full Story Behind W/C Wide Track 694Y

This spring, a high-impact Simmental bull, W/C Wide Track 694Y, was erroneously named a carrier of Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA), also known as fawn calf syndrome. After further investigation, it became clear that Wide Track was in fact free of the defect. What happened to lead to such a monumental mistake? Here is the full story from American Simmental Association (ASA), Genex Cooperative, Inc. and the Werning family.

Reporting Abnormalities

By Jackie Atkins, PhD During the calving season, it is not unusual to hear about unusual calves born with a variety of defects.  Many of these defects are spontaneous events that are triggered by a variety of cues and are not necessarily genetic in nature.  However, reporting these abnormalities to the ASA or other breed…