An Unprecedented Collaboration

by Emme Troendle “In the first few decades of national cattle evaluation, universities performed evaluations for the beef industry. The universities largely underwrote the research and development, establishing the software and the methodology to advance genetic evaluation for the beef breeds,” said Wade Shafer, CEO of ASA, when asked about the origins of International Genetics…

WC Wide Track 694Y (2)

The Full Story Behind W/C Wide Track 694Y

This spring, a high-impact Simmental bull, W/C Wide Track 694Y, was erroneously named a carrier of Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA), also known as fawn calf syndrome. After further investigation, it became clear that Wide Track was in fact free of the defect. What happened to lead to such a monumental mistake? Here is the full story from American Simmental Association (ASA), Genex Cooperative, Inc. and the Werning family.

Tom and Barbara Vossler

Meet the Man behind the Curtain of the Fall Focus

By Emme Troendle As the coordinator for the Fall Focus, Tom Vossler, with the assistance of the Pennsylvania State Association, has spearheaded planning for the event. When asked his thoughts on the Fall Focus Tom said, “We’re doing this event for the good of the organization, the good of the Pennsylvania Simmental Association (PSA), and…

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“Confidence Builds Success”

“Confidence Builds Success” by Emme Troendle Fall Focus 2015 ~ Confidence Builds Success, co-hosted by Pennsylvania Simmental (PSA) and American Simmental (ASA), will convene in Gettysburg, PA, September 14-17. This annual event combines an educational symposium with the fall ASA Board of Trustees’ meeting; Simmental members and their customers, along with allied industry are invited…

Dakota Thomas, AJSA Intern

AJSA Intern, Dakota Thomas- Giving Back

AJSA Intern, Dakota Thomas-Giving Back By Emme Troendle Dakota Thomas’s roots, passion for cattle classics, and desire to give back, feed her love for the cattle industry. In an interview, Dakota, the 2015 AJSA Intern, says, “When you grow up raising livestock, showing on the local, state, and national level, the lifestyle becomes an addiction, and…

Dr. Robert Walton (left) and Andrew Manthe, DeForest, WI (right) at the Wisconsin Simmental Association Spring Spectacular Sale.

Investing in the Next Generation of Animal Breeders

Investing in the Next Generation of Animal Breeders Jackie Atkins, PhD, American Simmental Association and Sue Finley, The Midwest Herdsman As a teenager, Robert Walton’s goal was to breed cattle “homozygous for all the good genes”.  Walton pursued this mission as an exchange student with Dr. Ivan Johansson in Sweden followed by a doctorate in…

Ruble evaluating cattle at the county fair.

A Denver to Remember – Simmentals on The Hill

­A Denver to Remember – Simmentals on The Hill By Gabrielle Glenister  Many people dream of judging at the National Western Stock Show. Even fewer get the chance, let alone more than once. Marshall Ruble is doing just that. Having previously evaluated the Texas Longhorns on Humboldt Street, Ruble will be welcomed back as Simmentals…